Shooting "To Pieces"

I was up bright and early ready to start the filming process. I arrived on the set just outside of Nashville, at a quiet little house back in the country, overlooking a pond in the backyard. Yes, I would have loved to start fishing when I saw that pond, but girl gotta work!

It was a beautiful fall day and the wind was blowing softly, leaves were falling from trees. This song is clearly one that pulls at your heartstrings and that’s exactly what it did to mine that day. I had my friend and business partner, Fred Brooks, with me that day. We had envisioned this video for months. Halfway through the day, rain sets in. Oh, the rain! Naturally, I am flipping out thinking that it is going to destroy our filming. The crew started searching for alternative ways to make it work without damaging the equipment and not getting drenched.

We lucked out and found a sweet older man who allowed us to use his boat dock ramp for filming. It had a nice little roof over it to keep me nice and dry. It was so calming and peaceful sitting on the boat dock watching the rain hit the water. It was actually a powerful moment and we all knew that the rain was going to enhance the video. I remember, as the night started to fall and we were  losing daylight, I knew that despite the worry we all faced, we had a productive day.

kaitalyn veio shoot 336.jpg

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but you know what? That’s okay. The film crew was so patient and helpful during the whole process. I think that it is really what made the day go smoother. I had great people surrounding me and working hard to make the best of the day.


Abby Downing