50th CMA Awards: A Night to Remember!

My love for country music runs down deep to my core, so being able to attend the 50th Anniversary Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee was an incredible treat for me. I was so thankful that my friends over at the ABC Network gifted me with tickets.

I started the day getting my hair done and then going back to the hotel to fix my make-up. Surprisingly, I ended up getting dressed in a parking garage…yeah, I know what you are thinking…is this girl serious? Well, yes I am! You see, I knew the traffic downtown would be crazy and there would be a huge crowd at Bridgestone Arena, so it was important to arrive early. However, I did not want to wear my gown in the car and wrinkle it. I was not staying in a hotel downtown, so I had to find someplace to change into my gown. That’s how I ended up in a restroom in a parking garage.


While getting dressed, I could not fasten the hook in the back, so I asked my publicist to do it for me. He’s a guy, though, and knows nothing about women’s fashion, so he ended up tearing one of the hooks. Luckily, the garage manager (a woman) came to the rescue and helped fasten my gown. I was not very enthusiastic about getting dressed and touching up my hair in a stinky parking garage bathroom, but I was happy to be on my way to the CMA Awards!

After arriving, I noticed the excitement in the air and utter joy that was flowing from everyone! I was in awe of all of my idols as I watched each take the stage. It was truly an unforgettable night. As many of you know, I am a huge Dolly Parton fan so being able to sit in a place where I could clearly see Dolly  — well, you know… that made my whole night. You know what they say-- the bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus… and Miss Dolly, she has that down pat! I thought each performer was truly remarkable and I felt so lucky to be a part of an extraordinary night of country music. More importantly, I was over the moon that the CMA honored and respected the legends who truly built country music!

Abby Downing